Nail Mates: A Must-Have for Those With a Glitter Nail Polish Addiction

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been very big with the nail art lately. Occasionally, with that comes the headache of glitter polish. I usually avoid glitter at all costs because I get way too frustrated and impatient during the removal process… until now! Ladies – if you often wear glitter, or even gel polish, you must own a set of Nail Mates!

nail-mates-mainDisclaimer: Press sample. See end of post.

Whether you are a professional manicurist or consumer, the hassle of the infamous cotton/aluminum trick is time consuming and quite annoying (tell me I’m wrong). You either have to sit around looking as if you’re trying to communicate with extra terrestrials, or you have to soak your fingers until their practically pruned. The one size fits all, reusable Nail Mate caps are super easy and quick to apply! I can even move around the house and function if I wanted to or at least I have the option (I usually wait around and opt for some time with Netflix).


When you first purchase the Nail Mates, included are 20 removal pads. At first, I figured once I was finished with them, I would reach for the cotton like I usually do, but I conducted a little experiment. On one hand I used the removal pads and on the other, I decided to try out the caps with cotton. Wouldn’t you know it, the removal pads took off my glitter polish quicker, easier and cleaner! The pads are extremely absorbent, and acetone is instantly evenly distributed throughout the pad in order to cover the entire nail. Cotton was a bit messier as the acetone dripped down my fingers, so if I had a choice, I would go with the pad. Sure – the cotton works, but the pads are much more convenient. The best part… removal pads can be rinsed and reused if sterilized properly (I probably should have read that before I threw away the first set… oh well).

nail-matesNail Mates with the Removal Pads

nail-mates-cottonNail Mates with the Regular Cotton Pieces

If you’re wearing a lot of glitter, lightly rough up the nail with a nail file and then apply acetone to the rounded end of the removal pad. And I mentioned that the cotton made the acetone drip down my hand, well, the pads will have the same effect IF you oversaturate it. Easy on the acetone… a lot goes a long way in this case. Technically, the directions suggest that you preload all ten nail caps and the removal pad and then slip them on the hand, but I just applied them individually. Either way works just fine. Removal times will depend on how much glitter you’re wearing or the extent of the nail treatment. Needless to say way it is quicker than the typical aluminum, alien hand method and a must-have for nail polish addicts like myself!

Nail Mates are available online at for $14.00 (which includes 10 caps and 20 removal pads). Additional removal pads can be purchases at $5.95 for 30, and $14.95 for 200.

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