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NailMates for Gel Polish Removal

Hi all!  I was sent a new product to try for gel polish removal called NailMates.  NailMates are re-usable caps and pads that can be used to remove all types of nail polish and nail treatments including gel polish.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first because I thought that the use of acetone might damage the product, but I’ve been using these for a few weeks now for all of my removals and have been very pleased with how well they work.

Here is what the packaging looks like.  I used my NailMates for several weeks before taking this photo, so my package may look a little worn, but it’s still in pretty good shape.  A package of NailMates comes with 10 caps and 20 removal pads. Review of NailMatesSome of the advantages of using NailMates for gel polish removal are:

  • They are reusable, so you don’t need to use tons of cotton balls and foil any more.  I was informed that the removal pads will last for many many uses, and they last even longer if you rinse them with water after each use.  After a while the inserts may start to break down and replacement pads can be purchased.  Mine are still in perfect condition after being used several times so I think they will last for a very long time with repeated use.
  • They are one size fits most.  These caps should fit on most finger sizes.  If a finger or thumb is too large to fit, you can easily cut a slit in the back of the cap to adjust the size.
  • They don’t drip!  When using NailMates, you apply acetone to the round tip of the pad since that’s the end that gets inserted into the cap.  If you don’t use too much acetone, they don’t drip at all.
  • They are nice and snug, yet still allow movement of your fingers.  With a little practice I found that I was even able to hold a nail polish brush and polish one hand while soaking off the other!  LOL

This is what my mani looked like after prepping for removal.  I roughed up the surface of the nails with a file and applied some cuticle oil to my skin (I find that this helps prevent my skin from drying out during removals).  You can find more details about this mani here. Review of NailMatesThis is what a cap and removal pad look like.  You apply acetone to the round part of the pad and insert it into the cap, and then slide your finger into the cap so that the pad is resting on the nail. Review of NailMatesThis is what it looks like after all of the NailMates have been applied. Review of NailMatesI even took a side shot to show you how nice and snug they are. Review of NailMatesAfter soaking for 10-15 minutes, my polish had lifted nicely and was ready to be pushed off with an orange stick. Review of NailMatesThis is what my nails looked like after removing all of the polish.  You can see that the white pads did turn a little pink from the caps.  I’m told this is normal.  Some of the pads that I’ve been using for several weeks are very pink, which could also be because the remover that I use is pink as well.  The insides of the caps look a little wrinkled from the acetone exposure, but they are holding up well and it doesn’t seem to have affected their shape or durability.

The very first time I used NailMates I had a horrible soak-off, but I came to learn that it wasn’t the product that caused the problem, it was a really stubborn gel polish.  I used three coats of a Fingerpaints glitter polish and it took about an hour to remove.  All of my removals since then have taken the same amount of time as it takes with foil and cotton (about 15 minutes total). Review of NailMatesI really enjoy using NailMates for gel polish removal and will continue to use these for future removals.  If you’re interested in learning more about NailMates, please visit their website at

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