NailMates = Nail Tech Game Changer

This post is so past overdue! But first there was vacation and then I caught some crazy horrible flu that knocked me out and kept me in bed for a week. Thankfully I survived, though I swear I saw a white light at one point.

1401908529737-837544401Anyway, I have been trying this fabulous new product out called NailMates. When I say it is a nail tech/gel polish junkie game changer I am not kidding. This product is fantastic!!

With my job I am constantly cutting foils into little square pieces so I can wrap clients in order to remove their gel polish. And while I don’t mind cutting those little foils it would be nice to cut down on waste both materially and financially.

NailMates so kindly sent me a package to review and I love! Wrapping my clients nails are easy but doing my own nails is frustrating. Wrapping my dominate hand while my other hand is already foiled can be an “ARGH” inducing task. Not to mention when one hand is done and I’m trying to remove the polish without the foil loosening is a tricky-tricky task. Of course it is still a bit awkward because your fingers are larger than normal but there is no worry of the foil falling off. They are a dream to use, and makes my life so much easier!

IMG_3526My biggest question was sanitation. The caps are super easy to sanitize and pads very in-expensive to repurchase; the pads are not guaranteed to be sanitized with using Barbicide.

While it is not recommended, I have tried wipes (which is what I’ve always used prior to this awesome discovery) with the caps and it does also work. Not as well, as the pads do really keep the acetone from dripping.

All around I am in love with this product! I use to somewhat dread my own gel polish removal as wrapping my own nails was a pain but this product makes it easy!

If you are a nail tech or a gel polish junkie you need to pick these up! You will love!!!

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