In the beauty industry, there’s definitely no shortage of quirky tools and gimmicky products that sound amazing but leave you feeling a little skeptical. Whether they’re promising to perform miracles or just helping to make a small difference in your beauty routine, it’s not always easy to shell out your hard-earned money for something that sounds too good to be true (and let’s be honest, usually it is).

Sometimes though, these wacky devices pull through and prove themselves useful. I’ve rounded up nine beauty tools that might sound a little crazy at first, but totally work (I’ve put ’em to the test)! So get ready to cut down your blow-dry time, soak-off your gel manicure with ease and finally master that liquid eyeliner because these products will definitely come in handy! Let me know if there are any wild beauty finds that you’ve discovered too!

  • 1 OF 9 PonyDry

  • PonyDry
  • PonyDry, $19.99

    One of the things I miss about short hair (yes—I once had a pixie) was how quick and easy it was to shower and dry my hair. This innovative tool allows anyone to shower like they have short hair, by wrapping up the lengths of your hair so you can just shampoo where you need it—your roots.

    I’ve tried it out a few times and it definitely works! My lengths didn’t say completely dry (there’s a little scientific term called “capillary action”) but they were more just lightly damp then soaking wet, which saved a lot of blow dry time. Available at

  • 2 OF 9 NailMates

  • NailMates
  • NailMates, $11.50

    We all love a good gel manicure, but who hasn’t committed the ultimate beauty sin and picked off their gel polish because they couldn’t stand to soak their nails to remove it? NailMates make the process a whole lot easier. These re-usable caps fit perfectly and snuggly onto your fingertips and allows you to actually perform minor daily duties (getting dressed, brushing your teeth or even reading a book) while you soak your gel polish away.

    NailMates use sponge pads that soak up the acetone and keep it in place. You can wash and reuse the pads, but they do offer replacement ones that aren’t going to break the bank either if you use them regularly. NailMates are available from their website or atSally Beauty.l polish, glitter p