The answer to easy glitter polish/gel nail removal at home: NAILMates

I love love love glitter nail polish, but I hate hate hate trying to remove it. You aren’t going to believe this awesome system that works for fingernails, toes, glitter polish, and even removing gel nails:  NailMates Finger Mates ($14).

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I actually avoid some really gorgeous nail polishes because they are so hard to take off I just don’t want the hassle. And when I am at the salon, I am astounded at what you ladies go through for gel nails. I was happy when I learned about the whole aluminum foil/acetone soaked cotton system, but to be honest, I don’t want to have to spend the time it takes. The NailMates Finger Mates system makes removal so easy, I can see professionals as well as us regular joes wanting a set.
 NailMates has been featured in Nail It, Day Spa, US Weekly, and Scratch UK, and they have a tough time keeping it in stock at Sally Beauty because it’s selling like hotcakes. If you have aSally Beauty near you, get there pronto…you won’t be sorry.  (You can also buy the caps and foam pads ($14) and extra foam pads at

NailMates Finger Mates

NailMates remover pad

NailMates Finger Mates

NailMates Finger Mates are reusable finger caps that hold removal pads. Soak the pads with acetone then slip them on – they work on both fingers and toes (there are larger toe size sets available). The cap keeps the pads in place, and the pressure from the cap eliminates the need to sit still since there is direct contact. The caps also keep in body heat, which speeds up the process.  Some other benefits:
  • The re-usable one size fits all NailMate caps are QUICK and EASY to apply.
  • NailMate caps completely cover the removal pads. This protect the acetone from exposure to air which can result in pre-mature acetone evaporation.
  • Contrary to cotton products, NailMate pads are extremely absorbent and provide consistent and even distribution of the acetone across the entire nail.
  • NailMate removal pads, used with the caps, are so efficient that there is virtually little (light if at all) to no scrapping of residual polish from nails.
  • NailMate removal pads do not drip acetone.
  • Pads are oversized and match the NailMate caps. This insures the pad completely covers the nail top to bottom and from side to side. The caps hold the pads in place as fingers slide under the pad and into cap.
  • Removal pads are a proprietary formula. Removal pads can be rinsed and reused if sterilization is not required. Terrific value!

I am really impressed…this removal system just doubled my nail polish options! If you do your own gel nails or just want a better way to remove glitter polish – or any nail polish, for that matter – be sure to check to check out NailMates Finger Mates at Sally Beauty or online  – Lisa


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