NailMates Review by Vamp Varnish

NailMates Removal System is something new at Sally Beauty and I had the opportunity recently to try them out.

So basically, these are like little finger mittens which you use to remove stubborn nail polish, like glitters. It’s a bit like the foil method, but less annoying (to me anyway).

The system comes with little white foam pads, which you apply acetone onto. Then you slip the foam pads into the pink plastic NailMates caps, put them on your fingers and leave on while it works its magic. Depending on what kind of polish you have on and how many layers, timing can vary.

Nail Mates-2

Glittery nails

Nail Mates on me

I had two layers of an Orly glitter on my nails when I tried these for the first time. I left them on for about 2-3 minutes and nearly everything was gone once I took the caps off. There were maybe 3-4 pieces of glitter left, which easily came off when I wiped them off my nail.

For me, the the trickiest part, which really isn’t even that tricky, is making sure you get enough acetone on the foam pieces without totally soaking them to the dripping stage. You don’t have to use a lot of remover since these hold more liquid than say a cotton ball does. The plastic caps won’t last forever, but they should last a decent amount of time if you wash them with warm water and soap after use. They say on their website that the average for a professional using these was 5-6 months, doing around 91 removals per month, so that’s pretty good.

You can find these at Sally Beauty under the brand name ASP and they are $11.99($10.99 for Sally Beauty Club members) for a bag of 10 pads and 10 caps. You can also buy a bag of the refill foam pads for $7.99 ($7.49 for Sally Beauty Club members) for 50.

Are these something you would be interested in trying out for pesky nail polish removal?


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