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7 Reasons NailMates Removal System Will Have You Falling In Love With

Today’s Long Lasting Nail Polishes

Nail polishes have come a long way baby! Gel, Shellac, lacquer and glitter polishes offer ingredients that assure us weeks of luscious, chip free gorgeous nails.  The color pallets for these long lasting nail products are that of a Rembrandt.  The combination of these two advancements has opened up a new vehicle of creative expression for the professional nail tech and those that love to do their nails at home. A simple Google search of Nail Blogger sites will expose you to nail art that will blow your mind!

As with many things, the best laid plans can also be accompanied by unexpected challenges. For these soak off nail products the challenge can be defined in one word, ‘REMOVAL!’  Until now there has been NOTHING easy about it.  The most commonly used technique is acetone soaked cotton combined with foils.  This method presents a plethora of frustrations…beginning with the need to sit patiently without moving ones hands.  Don’t even think of answering your phone or grabbing a quick drink of water during that 10-15 minute removal process, the foils may shift or fall off the nail.  This technique also gives way to annoying drips of acetone which originates from the liquid filled cotton balls.

One last and important challenge when using foils with cotton at home; it is virtually impossible to do your own nails without needing help.  It generally means doing one hand at a time which is certainly a waste of precious time.

The alternative to cotton and foils is simple, but simple does not always mean optimal.  This option requires emerging all fingers in a bowl of acetone while soaking nails for 10-15 minutes.  For obvious reasons this tends to be the least favorable.

Well women, throw frustration aside! Count the ways NailMates Removal System will change the way you think about long lasting nail polishes and their inevitable removal process…

1)       NailMates are Quick & Easy to apply! 

2)       NAILMATES are REUSABLE – Caps indefinitely. Pads for multiple uses if sterilization is not required

3)       NailMates users are encouraged to move about freely during removal. Caps and removal pads remain securely in place

4)       NailMates users can remove nail treatments from both of their hands, at once and without help

        (pre-load all 10 caps with acetone filled pads, simply slip all 10 fingers into the caps…you’re good to go)

5)       NailMates removal pads do not drip

6)       Removal pads are shaped to mate with the caps.  The cap and pad work as ‘a team’ to assure the pad covers the nail top to bottom and from side to side.

7)    This teamwork makes the caps and pads highly efficient. The pad is extremely absorbent and will require less acetone than when using cotton. There is not premature acetone evaporation; the caps completely cover the pads and protect against exposure to air. This eliminates the need to re apply acetone which is a waste of product and can prolong the removal process.  The caps help retain body heat which can also contribute to quicker removal time.


NailMates Removal System will have you falling in love with all of these hot and luscious nail polishes from beginning to end!

For further info:, or contact Chris Schurn @ 818 889-6672